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How to generate sourcemaps in Bundle Transformer's Less compiler?

I am using the Bundle Transformer to compile Less to CSS on my .NET web project, which seemed like a very fast and easy way to do it.

However I can't find the option to configure the Less compilation to generate CSS sourcemaps. The documentation on the BundleTransformer site is not very helpful.

Answer Source

According to this thread on the CodePlex BundleTransformer discussion board it is impossible for various reasons, most notably that BundleTransformer is no longer considered a modern client-side build tool and BundleTransformer is recommending you go with Gulp or Grunt - which both have support starting in Visual Studio 2013.3 according to this Scott Hanselman article. Thought I'd share as I spent a lot of time researching and looking for this. I'm going to go with Gulp or Grunt.

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