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MySQL Question

It's mysql or mysqld?

recently I've installed Mysql and it turns out the service name of it is "mysql" (there no "d" suffix), I remember before this time it's "mysqld" all the time. And when you type in "sudo service mysqld status" it would say this service does not exists.

Is there any difference between this two? Or it's a total diffrent version of mysql?

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There is nothing to worry about service names, that can be customized... by default mysql takes MySQL as service names on windows machines.

If you wanna change the service on either of machine.. just uninstall the service..

<path2MySQLBinDir>mysqld --remove mysql 

Now you can give diff name this time..say Neelima

<path2MySQLBinDir>mysqld --install Neelima 

Now you will see a service name called Neelima for MySQL server...

Coming back to diff between mysql & mysqld (forget service names here)

mysql -- mysql is a command-line client for executing SQL statements interactively or in batch mode.

mysqld -- mysqld is the MySQL server.

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