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MySQL Question

How to send contenteditable value in td with php

I have the following code in my page:

echo "<td style='border-bottom:1px solid #FFA500;' contenteditable='true'>".$result['body']."</td>";

And I want to send the edited content to mysql_query.

do I simply have to add id to
and use ajax??

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EDIT: Please check the following question for more information, references and helpful answers: How to save and retrieve contenteditable data

Yes, you have to use AJAX to store the edited content, or use a script that generates (hidden) input fields and submits a form with the edited values.

Ready more about contenteditable here (particularly 'Storing the changes'):

It gives you a JS Bin code snippet where it shows an example how you could send the data to the server using jQuery's $.ajax. It does it on keydown event however, and to save requests, I would suggest doing it on blur.

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