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TypeScript Question

Consume internal javascript file from typescript

I have a js file in my project which I need to consume from a ts file.

The js file path is "javascript/jsToConsume.js".

The ts file path is "typescript/client.ts"

I've added a declarations file in the path "typings/internal/jsToConsume.d.ts", which its content is as follows:

declare namespace jsToConsume{
export function func1(): void;

In my client.ts I try to consume it:

///<reference path="../typings/internal/jsToConsume.d.ts" />

import * as jsToConsume from '../javascript/jsToConsume'

is marked in a red line and I get the following error:

TS2307: Cannot find module '../javascript/jsToConsume'

BTW the code runs flawlessly, it's just a TSC error.

Any help will be profoundly appreciated!

Answer Source

For external modules the problem is in line:

import * as jsToConsume from '../javascript/jsToConsume'

The code will even without it, because you have reference:

///<reference path="../typings/internal/jsToConsume.d.ts" />

Normal way to use external module is only have one line (

import * as jsToConsume from 'jsToConsume';

And even better is to rename namespace to module:

declare module jsToConsume{...}

This was for external modules

But if you have only internal modules, it is better to use modules without namespace, just:

export function func1(): void;

Then you can use it as:

import {func1} from '../javascript/jsToConsume';


 import * as someName from '../javascript/jsToConsume';
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