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Python Question

Using normalize-space with Scrapy

Below is a mock-up of a document I'm working on:

<span class="aclass"> </span>
<span class="bclass">
10 Downing Street



I'm getting the address like this:

response.xpath(u".//h4[. = 'Area']/following-sibling::span[contains(.,'Address:')]/text()").extract()

which returns

[u'\r\n \t', u'\r\n 10 Downing Street\r\n\r\n London \r\n \r\n SW1\r\n ']

I'm trying to clean that up with normalize-space. I've tried putting it in every location I could think of, but it either tells me there's a syntax error, or returns an empty string.

Updating to add that I'm trying to get this working without changing the selector too much. I have similar cases which don't have the
tag, for example. The selector is overcomplicated in the example I've prepared here, but in the live version, I have to take that rather convoluted route to get to the address.

Regarding the possible duplicate Following the advice in the possible duplicate, I added
giving this:

(u".//h4[. = 'Area']/following-sibling::span[contains(.,'Address:')]/text()/normalize-space(.)").extract()

That produces a
ValueError: Invalid XPath:

Answer Source
"normalize-space(//strong[contains(text(), 'Address:')]/following-sibling::node())"
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