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Python(pandas): removing duplicates based on two columns keeping row with max value in another column

I have a dataframe which contains duplicates values according to two columns (A and B):

1 2 1
1 2 4
2 7 1
3 4 0
3 4 8

I want to remove duplicates keeping the row with max value in column C. This would lead to:

1 2 4
2 7 1
3 4 8

I cannot figure out how to do that. Should I use
, something else?

Answer Source

You can do it using group by:

c_maxes = df.groupby(['A', 'B']).C.transform(max)
df = df[df.C == c_maxes]

c_maxes is a Series of the maximum values of C in each group but which is of the same length and with the same index as df. If you haven't used .transform then printing c_maxes might be a good idea to see how it works.

Another approach using drop_duplicates would be

df.sort('C').drop_duplicates(subset=['A', 'B'], take_last=True)

Not sure which is more efficient but I guess the first approach as it doesn't involve sorting.

EDIT: From pandas 0.18 up the second solution would be df.sort_values('C').drop_duplicates(subset=['A', 'B'], keep='last') or, alternatively, df.sort_values('C', ascending=False).drop_duplicates(subset=['A', 'B']). In any case, the groupby solution seems to be significantly more performing:

%timeit -n 10 df[df.groupby(['A', 'B']).C.max == df.C]
10 loops, best of 3: 25.7 ms per loop

%timeit -n 10 df.sort_values('C').drop_duplicates(subset=['A', 'B'], keep='last')
10 loops, best of 3: 101 ms per loop
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