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Is there a way retrieve each row as IDictionary<string, string> using Dapper?

I have a table structure like this:

Table tbUser

--ID (int)

--Name (varchar)

--Birthday (datetime)

--Rating (double)


"SELECT * FROM tbUser"

I want each row in query result looks like (turns every column into string format):

row["ID"] = "1";
row["Name"] "John"
row["Birthday"] = "1980-01-01"
row["rating"] = "3.4"

The reason I need strings as result is they are easy to manipulate/format/display and some times safer (If another engineer changed column type in DB --e.g. "rating" column changed from
, the program is less likely throw exception as it only cares about strings)

I know there's a way to convert a DapperRow to
IDictionary<string, object>
, which is very close to
IDictionary<string, string>

var result = conn.Query("SELECT * FROM tbUser");
foreach (IDictionary<string, object> row in result) {
// I have to write my own object->string conversion in every loop

Any suggestion is highly appreciated!

Rob Rob
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No, Dapper doesn't do it for you (nor should it!). First of all - would the conversion be done in the database, or in code? And how are things formatted? (How do we format 2,000.20? Not all cultures use . as a decimal place, nor , as thousands separators. Gets even worse for dates).

Nevertheless, you can write something like this:

var data = Connection.Query("SELECT TOP 100 * FROM People") 
                      as IEnumerable<IDictionary<string, object>>;

var outData = data.Select(r => r.ToDictionary(d => d.Key, d => d.Value?.ToString()));

Or you can write your own extension:

public static class DapperExtensions
    public static IEnumerable<IDictionary<string, string>> QueryDictionary(this IDbConnection connection, string query)
        var data = Dapper.SqlMapper.Query(connection, query) as IEnumerable<IDictionary<string, object>>;
        return data.Select(r => r.ToDictionary(d => d.Key, d => d.Value?.ToString()));

And use it as so:

var data = Connection.QueryDictionary("SELECT TOP 100 * FROM People");
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