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Java Question

Amount validation - regular expression in Java

In java class I need regular expression for amount validation with the following conditions:

  1. Maximum price is 9999.99

  2. Minimum amount is 1

  3. Decimal values is optional (Paise is optional) that is 9999 is Valid

I write the following regular expression but it always
return false
for both valid and invalid inputs.

Here's example:

private static final String PRICE_PATTERN = "((/d{1,4})(((//.)(/d{0,2})){0,1}))";

public PriceCheck() {
pattern = Pattern.compile(PRICE_PATTERN);

public boolean validate(final String username) {
matcher = pattern.matcher(username);
return matcher.matches(); // always return false;

Answer Source

Use this expression instead:

private static final String PRICE_PATTERN = "((\\d{1,4})(((\\.)(\\d{0,2})){0,1}))";
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