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How do I use a C# Class Library in a project?

I've created a new Class Library in C# and want to use it in one of my other C# projects - how do I do this?

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Add a reference to it in your project and a using clause at the top of the CS file where you want to use it.

Adding a reference:

  1. In Visual Studio, click Project, and then Add Reference.
  2. Click the Browse tab and locate the DLL you want to add a reference to.
    NOTE: Apparently using Browse is bad form if the DLL you want to use is in the same project. Instead, right-click the Project and then click Add Reference, then select the appropriate class from the Project tab:
    enter image description here
  3. Click OK.

Adding a using clause:

Add "using [namespace];" to the CS file where you want to reference your library. So, if the library you want to reference has a namespace called MyLibrary, add the following to the CS file:

using MyLibrary;
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