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Kendo validation in table cell show on top (z-index)

my issue is that the validation message of kendo within a grid (inside a td) is hidden inside the grid. Is there anyway I can show it on top of everything? I tried with position:relative, z-index etc. but nothing worked.
Screenshot of issue:enter image description here

and plunker:

Add a few entries, then add an empty string and save. the validation message will be hidden inside grid.

Answer Source

For the record I solved it using the following code, every time a row is updated:

var gridContent = grid.find('.k-grid-content');
if (gridContent.find('.k-widget.k-tooltip.k-tooltip-validation.k-invalid-msg').length > 0) {
        gridContent.css("overflow", "visible");
    } else {
        gridContent.css("overflow", "auto");
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