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Get query from an external DB in Wordpress

Actually I have a php website in my hosting. Now I am personalizing a Wordpress theme to replace it. It's all ok for now, but the old website has a built in function to connect to another database with a token. This connection is only to get some data.

Can you tell me how to implement this in my new wordpress theme?

Did a wordpress plugin exists for this?


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The easiest way to connect wordpress to a second database (without a token) is to add this little piece of code (replacing strings by your connexion data) :

$wpdb2 = new WPDB( 'remote_user', 'remote_password', 'remote_db', 'remote_server');

Then you can use this new object to query anything that you want to, just like the main $wpdb object. You can use this on the function.php file of your active child theme (or theme).

I think that maybe there is some plugins, for this kind of purposeā€¦ You will have to search.

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