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Python Question

Read in the first column of a CSV in python

I have a CSV (mylist.csv) with 2 columns that look similar to this:

jfj840398jgg item-2f
hd883hb2kjsd item-9k
jie9hgtrbu43 item-12
fjoi439jgnso item-3i

I need to read the first column into a variable so I just get:


I tried the following, but it is only giving me the first letter of each column:

import csv
list2 = []
with open("mylist.csv") as f:
for row in f:

so the results of the above code are giving me list2 as:

['j', 'h', 'j', 'f']

Answer Source

You should split the row and then append the first item

list2 = []
with open("mylist.csv") as f:
    for row in f:

You could also use a list comprehension which are pretty standard for creating lists:

with open("mylist.csv") as f:
    list2 = [row.split()[0] for row in f]
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