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Blueimp jQuery File Upload plugin - "Empty file upload" result PHP

Here's the plugin:

I'm having a problem getting the response I want from the plugin after uploading a file.

On the page with the plugin, I have the following

'maxNumberOfFiles' :1,
'url' : '/admin/upload_handler.php'

I successfully retrieve the uploaded files from $_FILES and do stuff, then send a response back in JSON. I've confirmed using Firebug that the response is in the proper format:

"url" : "image_url",
"thumbnail_url" : "image_th_url",
"delete_url" : "test",
"delete_type" : "DELETE",
"name" : "foobar.jpg",
"size" : 7419

But the callback can't find the files array, and I get the error: 'Empty file upload result'. I feel like I'm missing something crucial here--I can't find anything in the docs, forums, or Stack Overflow. I appreciate any help.

Answer Source

Since the version 5 of the plugin, the json response has changed:

So you just have tweak your upload class with:

$filejson = new stdClass();
$filejson->files[] = $fileArray;
return json_encode($filejson);

And you're done

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