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C Question

"lvalue required as left operand of assignment" error - ternary operator

While compiling the code below I'm getting the error "lvalue required as left operand of assignment"



Actually I was trying to print the pattern below using only two for loops


and the error I'm getting is

pra.c:5:20: error: lvalue required as left operand of assignment

could someone help me.

Answer Source

The only thing wrong with the code as written is that you have 2n where you presumably should have 2*n.

Your compiler seems to have decided that in (i<=5)?j=1:j=i, the assignment operator on the right should bind less strongly than the conditional operator. This is incorrect and you should file a bug against the compiler. See operator precedence

An operand binds more tightly to an assignment operator on its right than to : on its left

I assume adding a pair of parentheses around j=i will make your code compile, although some consider it bad style to have assignment expressions as operands to the conditional operator, so a better thing to write is j = (i <= 5 ? 1 : i).

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