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Simulating touch events on a PC browser

I am developing an HTML application for the iPad. As such it utilizes touch events and webkit-CSS animations.

Up until now I have used chrome as my debugging environment because of it's awesome developer mode.

What I would like is to be able to debug my Html/JavaScript using Google-Chrome's debugger on my PC while simulating touch events with my mouse.

My site does not have any multi-touch events and no mouse events (no mouse on iPad).

I am not actually interested in seeing the applications layout, but more in debugging its behavior.

Is there some plugin to get mouse events translated into touch events on a desktop browser?

Answer Source

As of April 13th 2012

In Google Chrome developer and canary builds there is now a checkbox for "Emulate touch events"

You can find it by opening the F12 developer tools and clicking on the gear at the bottom right of the screen.

on Chrome v22 Mac OS X

For now (Chrome ver.36.0.1985.125) you can find it here: F12 => Esc => Emulation. console

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