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Pandas: Get unique MultiIndex level values by label

Say you have this MultiIndex-ed DataFrame:

df = pd.DataFrame({'co':['DE','DE','FR','FR'],
df = df.set_index(['co','tp'])

Which looks like this:

area count
co tp
DE Lake 10 7
Forest 20 5
FR Lake 30 2
Forest 40 3

I would like to retrieve the unique values per index level. This can be accomplished using

df.index.levels[0] # returns ['DE', 'FR]
df.index.levels[1] # returns ['Lake', 'Forest']

What I would really like to do, is to retrieve these lists by addressing the levels by their name, i.e.
. The shortest two ways I could find looks like this:

list(set(df.index.get_level_values('co'))) # returns ['DE', 'FR']
df.index.levels[df.index.names.index('co')] # returns ['DE', 'FR']

But non of them are very elegant. Is there a shorter way?

Answer Source

I guess u want unique values in a certain level (and by level names) of a multiindex. I usually do the following, which is a bit long.

In [11]: df.index.get_level_values('co').unique()
Out[11]: array(['DE', 'FR'], dtype=object)
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