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Is Roslyn cross platform?

I've been looking at Roslyn for quite some time now, and I'm curious and excited about it. One thing I noticed is that they mentioned that the compiler is re-written in managed code. This raises the question of whether Roslyn is able to run on non-.NET virtual machines, such as Mono.

I would really love to embed C# scripting using Roslyn in my video games, and to use many of their other features in my applications, but I'm wondering if using Roslyn will break the ability for it to run on Mono.

Has anyone tried running Roslyn on Mono? Is it possible? Why or why not?

To clarify, I'm interested in both whether the managed assembly can run on Mono, and whether it can generate assemblies that mono can run.

Answer Source

Despite it being the furthest thing from Eric's mind, Roslyn has been released as true Open Source (Apache 2.0) and is in fact now cross-platform.

Miguel de Icaza of Xamarin showed it running on Mono at BUILD.

When Roslyn releases, it will become part of Mono. They are already maintaining a branch at the Mono Git repo.

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