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CSS Question

CSS File manipulation with PHP

Is it possible to edit a specific selector in a css file with php?

For example:

background-color: #FFFFFF;

I want to change this background color after the user changes the background color of the website from the website's settings.


This website is used only by one user.

I am using Laravel 5.3 if that helps.

The way it would work is, there's a color picker for the background color of the body and then when the user submits the form. Then the file manipulation will happen there.


You can do like like

$color_name = 'green';
<body style="background-color:<?php echo color_name ; ?>">
  Body elements

However its not a good idea to change this with php in my opinion.You have to make a get/post request to change this. Its better to do this with jquery

<body class="change_backgroud_color">
  Body Elements

   $(".change_backgroud_color").css("background-color", "yellow");