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Android ListView - scrolls back to top on update

I have a listview that gets additional views added on request, that's maintained by a BaseAdapter. How can I maintain scroll position after the update?

I know this has been asked a few times, but each time, the same solution has been put forward, which I have tried, which is to call

after updating the ArrayList that contains the list contents.

How can I ensure that scroll position is maintained?

Answer Source

Implement an OnScrollListener in your activity class and then use the following code:

int currentFirstVisibleItem, currentVisibleItemCount, currentTotalItemCount;
public void onScroll(AbsListView view, int firstVisibleItem,
        int visibleItemCount, int totalItemCount) {
    this.currentFirstVisibleItem = firstVisibleItem;
    this.currentVisibleItemCount = visibleItemCount;
    this.currentTotalItemCount = totalItemCount;

public void onScrollStateChanged(AbsListView view, int scrollState) {
    this.currentScrollState = scrollState;

private void isScrollCompleted() {

    if (currentFirstVisibleItem + currentVisibleItemCount >= currentTotalItemCount) {
        if (this.currentVisibleItemCount > 0
                && this.currentScrollState == SCROLL_STATE_IDLE) {

            //Do your work

If you are using AsyncTask for updating your data, then you can include the following in your PostExecute() in order to maintain the Scroll position:

list.setSelectionFromTop(currentFirstVisibleItem, 0);

I hope this helps.

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