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CSS relative to fixed position - CSS transition


I'm trying to make a div look like it's growing from where it is. To do this I'm changing the position from relative to fixed which makes the first transition start from
top:0, left:0
instead of the element's current top/left. How can I fix this to use the elements current offsets?

JS Fiddle


Note: After the first click, the code works exactly how I want it to. The very first click is the problem.

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Hello and thanks for the fiddle,

It looks like when you first set the css here, you had transitions on your target-div which was messing things up a bit, in addition to setting your initial position inside the click function.


Setting the position of the target-div before the click function fires will position the div correctly, and applying the css without the animations on it will ensure that the target-div is in the right spot when the document loads (if you keep the animations on that target-div, even if you apply the starting css in $(document).ready it will load the page and run the animation rather than having the div start there).

I used a separate class for the animation and applied it only after the initial positioning was set (see .test class in fiddle below).


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