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PHP Question

Curly braces or colon-endif statements in PHP - which one provides better performance and code compatibility?

I was looking through many snippets of code, and I have found that people can use the following two methods in an


Method 1:

if ($condition) {
// Do this

Method 2:

if ($condition):
// Do this

So which method is more compatible with PHP compilers and versions with PHP, or is there no discernible difference between the two?

Answer Source

Most of the time the alternative (endif) syntax is used in view scripts. It's often hard to see/notice the end of an if statement since a curly brace only takes up one character, when you're at the bottom of a file, it's hard to tell if it's the end of an if or a foreach. For example:

<?php if ($condition): ?>

    <div>a huge block of html</div>

<?php endif; ?>
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