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How to break up long lines of Ruby

I always get great big lines of code at the top of my Rails

. I am looking for suggestions for the best way to break them up with standard Ruby style. For example, one line I am looking at now is this:

delegate :occupation, :location, :picture_url, :homepage_url, :headline, :full_name, :to => :profile, :prefix => true, :allow_nil => true

What is the conventional style for breaking up these long method call lines?

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Something along the lines of:

delegate :occupation, :location, :picture_url, 
         :homepage_url, :headline, :full_name, 
         :to => :profile, :prefix => true, :allow_nil => true

Or if you like to highlight the option hash (a reasonable thing):

delegate :occupation, :location, :picture_url, 
         :homepage_url, :headline, :full_name, 
     :to => :profile, :prefix => true, :allow_nil => true

The idea of leaving that all on a single line strikes me as a craptastic idea, it means you have to scroll an arbitrary amount in order to see what's being delegated. Ew.

I'd probably line stuff up a bit, too, maybe alphabetize.

delegate :full_name, :headline,   :homepage_url,
         :location,  :occupation, :picture_url,
     :to => :profile, :prefix => true, :allow_nil => true

If the file didn't have much/any other substantive content, I might put each method symbol on its own line, just to make editing easier. In a larger file, I wouldn't want to take up the space for that.

Not that I ever think about this kind of stuff.

Edit I guess I do :/

These days I might group the delegated methods by "similarity", roughly:

delegate :full_name, :headline,
         :location,  :occupation,
         :homepage_url, picture_url,
     to: :profile, prefix: true, allow_nil: true

My jury's hung on 1.9 hash syntax when the value is also a symbol; I think it looks funny. I'm also not sure where I'd indent it to–might lose it anyway during an IDE reformatting, but I kind of like how it looks above if I'm using the new syntax.

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