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GitLab-CI and node.js - how to start a local server then run tests?

I've set up GitLab-CI, and am writing my

to run my tests. My app is written in node.js, and the file looks like this:

- npm install
- node server.js

- test

stage: test
- npm run test

I'm having trouble actually starting the server then running tests, as
node server.js
creates a foreground process that never exists unless you do so manually. Is there a way to start the server, then move on, then stop it once the tests have finished?

Or am I actually doing this wrong, and should my server get started in the tests themselves? Everything I read just says "start node then in another terminal run your tests against your local server" but this is obviously pointless in an automated CI system?

Answer Source

I have the exact same setup, with gitlab-ci docker runner. You don't need to launch the node server.js before launching your tests, you can let your test runner handle it. I use Mocha + Chai (with chai-http). You can also use supertest to do the same.

It look for available ports before each test so you don't end up with conflicting port.

Here is how it looks :

var chai = require('chai');
var chaiHttp = require('chai-http');
// Interesting part
var app = require('../server/server');
var loginUser = require('./login.js');
var auth = {token: ''};


describe('/users', function() {

  beforeEach(function(done) {
    loginUser(auth, done);

  it('returns users as JSON', function(done) {
    // This is what launch the server
    .set('Authorization', auth.token)
    .then(function (res) {
    .catch(function (err) {
      return done(err);
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