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jQuery unwrap is not working

I'm trying to use unwrap to remove an parent element. I'm following the documentation and yet it doesn't work; I have Html Like this:

test html

and I wrote this function to clone and unwrap it:

var htmlTemplate = $('#htmlTemplate').clone().removeAttr('id').unwrap();

When I run this code the template still has the outer span on it.
Does anyone know how to unwrap this properly?

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To unwrap an element it should have a parent. You are creating a DOM fragment and trying to unwrap it. But it has no parents.

Say, there's some dom:

<div class="outer"></div>

With the parent in place unwraping goes just fine:

var inner = '<span class="inner">test html</span>',
        $outer = $('.outer');

// First you would want your element to get a parent.

// Then unwrap it
$('button').on('click', function() {

here's the fiddle

So, if you want to remove the outer span, you should target the inner one and it will unwrap.

For the updated fragment: .clone() doesn't copy any parents it copies only the element and all it's descendants. So when you use clone - you build a separate fragment with root at the selected element.

.unwrap() removes the parent(s) of the matched element(s). So to unwrap the inner span you must select it with jQuery.

<div class="outer"></div>


var html = "<span><span class='inner'>test html </span></span>";

var $html = $(html);

var unwraped = $html.find('.inner').unwrap();


another fiddle

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