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UnknownHostException at the android emulator

I've got an UnknownHostException in my android application when I want to get to my web service.

I inserted an

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />
at my AndroidManifest.xml.

If I go to my link of webservice via browser it's going fine.

I typed the domain name and IP at the

But if I run application via emulator I got an UnknownHostException. As I understand, emulator should use my system files to connect with the server...But, practically it doesn't..Help please with this issue.

Answer Source

Problem solved using such domains as


Everything works fine with it. I can't edit hosts file in android file system even with root rights. So if you have similar problem - good solution is to use IP addresses, not domains.

Thanks to Haresh Chaudhary

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