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QT - Unknown debugger type "No engine"

Recently I have re-installed QT (5.5.1 MSVC 2013, 32 bit, rev. b52c2f91f5) on my PC and installed the debugging tools of Microsoft.

QT (QT Creator) can auto-detect these just fine.


When trying to start the debugger with either the default shortcut F5 or clicking it manually, it throws an error that the debugger could not be run. (Compiling works fine, debugging not at all)

Debugger could not be started

No debugger-engine of type "No engine" could be created.

(Running Windows 8.1 with VS2013/VS2015 installed - QT working with VS2013 32&64 bit).

On my work PC I did the same process a few weeks ago and had no problems at all.

What could cause this problem ? Yet I have only found questions with the same problem related to other compilers.

Answer Source

It may point to a missing component in your installation process or an actual defect in Qt:

Option #1

Install a debugger.

If you are installing 5.5.1 for Visual Studio 2013 64 or 32bit, 2012 32bit, 201032bit. Then install windows Debuggers.

Qt will detect automatically the compiler and Debugger.

To set manually Tools->options->build&run->kits->set one of auto detected , then you can see all.


Option #2

Unable to create a debugger engine of the type "No engine"

in the past pointed to a bug in the Qt Creator, if you'll update it may be fixed.

I'm also aware that alternatively, it may be solved by updating to Python 2.7.1.

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