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Set the digits in a float after decimal point

I want to write a c++ function which converts a float to const char *. Here in this function, an argument is passed to specify the decimal places that output value should represent. I have come up this functions and it works nicely.

I would like to whether, there are any better ways write this function?.

static const char* getString(float value, int decimalPlaces)
char strValue[sizeof value];
sprintf(strValue, "%.%df", value, decimalPlaces);
return strValue;

Answer Source

There are two major problems with your function.

To begin with the size of float is on most platform four bytes, which means your array is only for elements. Not enough for all the digits of your floating point value. Writing out of bounds will lead to undefined behavior.

The second problem is that you return a pointer to a local variable. The array strValue will go out of scope once the function returns, and the pointer will now be a so-called stray pointer. Dereferencing it will also lead to undefined behavior.

In short, your function does not "work nicely". It doesn't really work at all.

The obvious solution is to use std::string and std::to_string to convert the floating point value to a string. Then when you need a C-style null-terminated string (for whatever reason) you use the strings c_str() member function to get such a pointer.

If you need a specific number of decimals, use an std::ostringstream and standard I/O manipulators to format the string the way you want. If your goal is to get a string to output you can of course skip this step, and use the manipulators directly when writing the output.

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