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Does Git Have A 'Shelf'

I just started using Git, and I come from Perforce. I am wondering if Git has a 'shelf' feature similar to Perforce.

For example: If I am currently working on a ticket in Perforce and I need to switch to another ticket, I would shelf my work in a changelist, and create another changelist for this new ticket. The work for my original ticket is shelved safely in my first changelist and is available for me to retrieve. I am wondering if I can perform a similar action in Git.

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You can do this with git branches like:

$> git checkout -b ticket-1            // creates a new branch
$> normal workflow                    
$> git commit -m "Changes" file1.txt   // commit changes

You can move to another ticket with:

$> git checkout master                     //cleans changes (stored safely with a branch)
$> git pull origin master                  // pull any latest changes - more like p4 sync
$> git checkout -b ticket-2                // new branch
$> normal workflow
$> git commit -m "New changes for ticket-2" file2.txt

Using git stash is another way. The one described above is useful in case you want to share your work via review or for a peer to checkout files etc...

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