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What is the integer reference type in C#?

I'd like to have an integer variable which can be set to null and don't want to have to use the

int? myVariable
syntax. I tried using
to no avail. Do I have to use
int? myVariable

I mentioned this because in Java there is both an 'int' type (a primitive) and 'Integer' (a reference type). I wanted to be sure that there isn't a built-in integer reference type that I could be using. I'll use 'int?' for what I'm doing.

Answer Source

For info, int? / Nullable<T> is not a reference-type; it is simply a "nullable type", meaning: a struct (essentially and int and a bool flag) with special compiler rules (re null checks, operators, etc) and CLI rules (for boxing/unboxing). There is no "integer reference-type" in .NET, unless you count boxing:

int i = 123;
object o = i; // box

but this creates an unnecessary object and has lots of associated other issues.

For what you want, int? should be ideal. You could use the long-hand syntax (Nullable<int>) but IMO this is unnecessarily verbose, and I've seen it confuse people.

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