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Advise for Regular Expression pattern needed



I want to extract any Number Format from String.

Number could be | 100,000 | 20,000.00 | 12.52 | 10,800.082 |

My pattern is


But.. it does not work for just one digit | 3 | 1 |.

I also tried


it should not catch | , | . | only.

What should I do to my regex pattern?

Answer Source

A \d[\d|,|.]+ regex will not find 3 or 1 because \d requires 1 digit, and the + with [\d|,|.]+ also requires at least one char more. Note this also matches 1| since the pipe symbol is considered a literal char in the character class. To match 0 or more occurrences, use * quantifier.

To match all those numbers, you may use either


Or, better:


See the regex demo


  • \d+ - one or more digits
  • (?:[,.]\d+)* - zero or more (due to * quantifier) occurrences of:
    • [,.] - a comma or dot
    • \d+ - one or more digits
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