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Why property can be contain only setter in interface type in C#?

I wonder why in C# it is not allowed to use only { set } property in auto-generated property in class type like:

class Person {
public string Name { set; } // Compile-time error

However, it is allowed in interface type:

interface IPerson {
string Name {set;} //Allowed

I read similar question here, it is very rare practice - what I understand, but I wonder why CLR even allow to do it?

Answer Source

For one simple reason. If you're using an Auto implemented property (Hidden private field generated). Then why would you need to set a value that you would never be able to get (and subsequently use).

For the Interface, you're not using an auto implemented property, it is just a contract specifying that the implementation class should have a string property named Name that should implement a Setter method. So, you can do this:

interface IPerson
    string Name { set; }

class Person : IPerson
    private string _name;
    public String Name
        set { _name = value; }

So in conclusion, the C# compiler is trying to prevent us from doing something that doesn't make any sense which is: Providing an auto set method for a private hidden field that can never be get.

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