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MySQL Question

Re-ording the display order of tables in MySQL

This is purely for convenience.

New tables are added to the bottom of the list of tables when using Adminer (http://www.adminer.org/) - how can I make these tables appear at the top of the list?

These tables are my own and not part of the CMS I use, therefore I use them a lot and need to look at them a lot. With 170 tables this is annoying having to scroll through them all to get to mine.

How can I make Adminer or MySQL reorder these tables?

Answer Source
  1. If you use Adminer install AdminerTablesFilter plugin. It might be even handier than a fixed order.

  2. Switch to some other tool which supports sorting filtering. (I use SequelPro a lot)

  3. Learn to use mysql CLI. You have to type a lot when you work with SQL anyway. CLI supports auto-complete.

  4. Request a feature from the author of Adminer

  5. Add this feature to Adminer yourself through a plug-in or introduce order by clauses to selects from information_schema to sources.

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