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Example of Custom Class on the Transformable property of Core Data

When you create a

property on core data, you generally add the
code to the entity's class and fill its name on the
Value Transformer
field of the data model inspector, but what about the
Custom Class
field? What is the purpose of that field? Can you give a simple example?

enter image description here

Answer Source

"Custom Class" controls what happens to this property when Xcode generates subclasses of / extensions on NSManagedObject. If you leave this field blank, your snapshot field will be declared as an NSObject. If you fill in a class name, Xcode will declare the attribute as whatever class name you enter.

In practice that means that if you make snapshot transformable, leave that field blank, and then Xcode generates a subclass for you, the property will be declared as:

@NSManaged public var snapshot: NSObject?

On the other hand if you fill in that field, for example by typing UIImage there, then when Xcode generates the subclass the property will be declared as:

@NSManaged public var snapshot: UIImage?

Filling in a class name allows the compiler to check your assignments so that if, for example, the property is a UIImage, you don't mistakenly try to assign an NSData to it.

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