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Login Panel/Form no more displaying after securing the connection to the GWT application using SSL

I have a GWT module/application deployed in Appache Tomcat and I have secured the connection to the application using SSL (so that one connects to it via https:// instead of http:// as it has been the case so far).So I created CSR (Certificate Signing Request), gave it to the IT guys of my Company who signed it using the company's Root Certifcate and issued me a Certificate chain which I imported to Tomcat keystore. Everything works fine with firefox and Chrome (The connection is secured). But I have a problem with IE11. Although the connection is also secured in IE11, there is a Login Panel/Form on the first page which is not displayed. Before we decided to secure the connection to the application, the login form was there and everything was working fine.

When I go to Developer Tools -> DOM Explorer of IE, I see that there is indeed a login form (username/password field and submit button) as you can see on the picture below :

enter image description here

I am just wondering was is the problem hier and I would appreciate any help because i am stuck.

Thanks in Advance!

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After an investigatation , I found out that the problem with the login form not displaying in IE had to do with the settings for compatibility mode for Internet Explorer in the Development Tools. So I changed the Document Mode from 7(Standard) to 11 as follows :

    -> Press F12
    -> From the Document Mode List Box ,select 11
       Note : 7(standard) was selected instead as default.
    -> Refresh the browser and problem Solved.

enter image description here

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