Ramilol Ramilol - 2 years ago 186
PHP Question

Is there any free PHP IDE that offers these features?

  • Written in c++

  • Highlighter php, html, css, javascript

  • Easy Code Navigation

  • Hinting

  • Remote and Local Project Development

  • FTP

  • Code collapsing (folding)

  • Intelligent Auto-complete

  • Code completion

- Debugging

These are the features im looking for ide that is NOT written in java AND free.

Answer Source

PHPDesigner 7 is really fast. It has everything you are looking for, except IT'S NOT FREE, but it's really worth the money.

I use it on old machines, where others are really unusable. It opens files very quickly and runs smoothly.

It also has source code navigator (shows you an index of the PHP functions, classes, methods and variables you have defined in your current file), and lets you jump from a function call to the definition with Ctrl+click, just like NetBeans and the big ones. It only lacks code collapsing.

Other that I used in the past: Dev-PHP. Written in Delphi, but very fast also. I found some bugs so I left it, but other users in my company didn't had those bugs, so it was probably my installation only... try it yourself.


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