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jQuery Question

Replace all occurences of ('content') from first bracket - ( to VERY last )?

I have a string that may be:

Hello (hiii(1998 overhill) hpp) there
I want to strip to remove the brackets and content from within but keeping the words
Hello there

Below is my code but it removes the first part:
(hiii(1998 overhill)

myString = "Hello (hiii(1998 overhill) hpp) there";
myString = myString.replace(/ \([^)]*\)/g, '');

With that said, i want it to do this for all occurrences which is why i supplied the
but how do i do it for the last occurrence of (content) hi) also? For future reference.

So if i have
"Hello (ddd(dog) kk) and hello (pineapple(g)"
is it possible to cut out the last bracket so im left with:
Hello (ddd(dog) kk) and hello
removing the


Answer Source

I found two ways of possible situations you want.

One of them is the one that I told you in the comment:

var myString = 'Hello (ddd(dog) kk) and hello (pineapple(g)';
console.log(myString.replace(/\(.+\)/g, ''));

This one will remove from the first ( to the last ).

Or removing pairs of brackets contents recursively:

function removeBracketsContents(str) {
  while (str.indexOf('(') > -1 & str.indexOf(')') > -1) {
    str = str.replace(/\([^\(\)]+\)/g, '');
  return str;

console.log(removeBracketsContents('Hello (hiii(1998 overhill) hpp) there'));
console.log(removeBracketsContents('Hello (ddd(dog) kk) and hello (pineapple(g))'));

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