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Is Django login redirect stripping my url parameters?

In my URLconf I have the following url (where

is the built-in login view function from

url(r'^login/', login, name='login', kwargs={
'template_name': 'topspots/login.html',
'redirect_field_name': 'next',

Then in my template, in a navbar that is present on all pages on the site, I have the following login link:

<li><a href="{% url 'login' %}?next={{ request.get_full_path }}">Log in</a></li>

When I visit the login page from, e.g., the search results page, the url I get in the address bar is something like:


which seems right to me (note the
parameters), because after logging in, I would like to be redirected to


i.e., the
path. However, from the login view, the value of
{{ next }}
ends up being
/spots/search/?search_query=South Oak Park, KCMO, MO, United States
. In other words, all the parameters except for the first one have been stripped. I have not been able to figure when/where/why these parameters are getting chopped off. Is this something Django is doing, or does it stem from a mistake of mine? If it is Django, I am sure there is a good reason for it, but if it is just me doing something wrong, I would like to fix it. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Answer Source

What happens is that your generated url ends up being parsed like so:


The additional parameters are no longer part of the next url, so they get dropped. To avoid this, encode the entire url so it stays together:

<li><a href="{% url 'login' %}?next={{ request.get_full_path|urlencode }}">Log in</a></li>

The & character gets encoded so the browser no longer splits the parameters and sends them to the wrong url.

Django documentation.

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