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SQL Question

unexpected results with square brackets in SQL query

I have a database with a Table named

I was playing around and found some unexpected results from a simple select all query.

// Return 3139 rows
select * from PaymentReciept

// Return 3139 rows
select * from dbo.PaymentReciept

// Return 0 rows
select * from [dbo.PaymentReciept]

I don't understand why the query with square brackets return no results. I know that square brackets are used as delimiters for identifiers that use some special character or a keyword.

Can someone kindly explain to me what's going on or direct me to some article or a book where I can learn more about this behavior.

Answer Source


Means that SQL is querying a table whose name is dbo.PaymentReceipt





Mean that SQL is querying a table called PaymentReceipt in the schema dbo

To use square brackets correctly, use


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