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Python Question

Select value from list of tuples where condition

I have a list of tuples. Every tuple has 5 elements (corresponding to 5 database columns)
and I'd like to make a query

select attribute1 from mylist where attribute2 = something


personAge = select age from mylist where person_id = 10

Is it possible to query the list of tuples in some way?

thank you

Answer Source

If you have named tuples you can do this:

results = [t.age for t in mylist if t.person_id == 10]

Otherwise use indexes:

results = [t[1] for t in mylist if t[0] == 10]

Or use tuple unpacking as per Nate's answer. Note that you don't have to give a meaningful name to every item you unpack. You can do (person_id, age, _, _, _, _) to unpack a six item tuple.

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