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JSON Question

Rails Chartkick. Multiple Series line chart with nested hash

Trying to do a multiple series line chart. (Visualizer is Chartjs.) From the


<%= line_chart [
{name: "Series A", data: series_a},
{name: "Series B", data: series_b}
] %>

My data is coming in JSON format already, but takes a little manipulation to get right. Raw form looks like this:

=> [{"id"=>30,
"runner"=>"Golden State Warriors",
"histories"=>[{"price"=>1.51, "created_at"=>"2016-11-19T17:42:18.699Z"}, {"price"=>1.51, "created_at"=>"2016-11-20T07:56:55.662Z"}]},
{"id"=>32, ETC

So, with
markets.map{ |m| [name: m['runner'], data: m['histories'].map{|h| [h['created_at'], 1/h['price']] }]}.flatten!

which yields:

=> [
{:name=>"Golden State Warriors", :data=>[["2016-11-19T17:42:18.699Z", 0.6622516556291391], ["2016-11-20T07:56:55.662Z", 0.6622516556291391]]},
{:name=>"Los Angeles Clippers", :data=>[["2016-11-19T17:42:18.795Z", 0.1], ["2016-11-20T07:56:55.717Z", 0.1]]}, ETC

Although I don't get an error, the chart is an empty quadrant with
[object Object]
at 0,0.

The chart is in an
block in my view because I want to create multiple charts the page showing the same thing with different data. I played around with an
and I can get the chart to show partially by just manually inputting the data as the

<%= line_chart [
{name: markets[i]['runner'], data: markets[i]['histories'].map{|h| [h['created_at'], 1/h['price']]}},
{name: markets[i+1]['runner'], data: markets[i+1]['histories'].map{|h| [h['created_at'], 1/h['price']]}}
] %>

Which shows the first two series on the chart, but can't be the right way as there are different i elements for each chart.

What can I do?

Answer Source

Figured it out using .each method. I'm sure there's a cleaner way to do this, but it's working for now.

def chart(markets)
  chart_data = markets.map{ |m| [name: m['runner'], data: m['histories'].map{|h| [h['created_at'], 1/h['price']]}]}.flatten
  line_chart chart_data.each do |m| 
    [{name: [:name], data: [:data]}]
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