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Javascript Question

Change the image source on rollover using jQuery

I have a few images and their rollover images. Using jQuery, I want to show/hide the rollover image when the onmousemove/onmouseout event happen. All my image names follow the same pattern, like this:

Original Image:

Rollover Image:

I want to insert and remove the "over" portion of image source in the onmouseover and onmouseout event, respectively.

How can I do it using jQuery?

Answer Source

To set up on ready:

$(function() {
        .mouseover(function() { 
            var src = $(this).attr("src").match(/[^\.]+/) + "over.gif";
            $(this).attr("src", src);
        .mouseout(function() {
            var src = $(this).attr("src").replace("over.gif", ".gif");
            $(this).attr("src", src);
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