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Can't apply debug on java file in eclipse

On applying breakpoints to a java file in debug mode, the breakpoints are not stopping the control flow of that file. However, the breakpoints are stopping the control flow on another file in the same package.
When i apply breakpoints on one file the break point changes to a circle with tail and the break point stops the control flow while on applying it to other file it remains a circle only and does not stop the control flow. How to get the break point to stop the control flow?

enter image description here

Not working: enter image description here

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Ok as you have mentioned as a reply to my comment that you are doing remote appliction debugging. So most likely the problem is that you have different version of code in your server and in your eclipse.

In short it seems that executable doesn't map their source lines all that well to the generated .java file source lines. So what looks like a source line in your real source isn't actually executable in the generated source, so it can't actually sustain a breakpoint.

Hope it helps!

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