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How to create an enum for pageControl.currentPage?

I want to keep track of my pages using pageControl.currentPage which returns an integer. My switch statement is set up like so:

let currentPage = pageControl.currentPage
switch currentPage {
case 0:

// execute code for first page

case 1:

// execute code for second page

case 2:

// execute code for third page

default: break

instead of case "0", "1", and "2", I'd like to be more semantic such as

case FirstPage:
case SecondPage:
case ThirdPage:

How would I go about doing that?

Answer Source

Your best option is to back the enum with an Int value.

You can declare your enum like so:

enum PageEnum: Int {
  case firstPage = 0
  case secondPage = 1
  case thirdPage = 2

You can then use a switch to determine the page value like so:

switch PageEnum(rawValue: currentPage)! {
  case .firstPage:
    print("You're on the first page")
  case .secondPage:
    print("You're on the second page")
  case .thirdPage:
    print("You're on the third page")
    assert(false, "You shouldn't ever land here")
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