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Git Question

I push my project to gitlab to test git ci,but it built fail

These are my information of error

Running with gitlab-ci-multi-runner 1.5.3 (fb49c47)
Using Shell executor...
Running on luckyxmobiledeMac-mini-2.local...
Fetching changes...
HEAD is now at e56d7ac Update
Checking out e56d7ace as master...
bash: line 4: shell_session_update: command not found
ERROR: Build failed: exit status 127

These are content of my .gitlab-ci.yml:=

- build
stage: build

- xcodebuild clean -project ProjectName.xcodeproj -scheme SchemeName | xcpretty
- xcodebuild test -project ProjectName.xcodeproj -scheme SchemeName -destination 'platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 6s,OS=9.2' | xcpretty -s
- ios_9-2
- osx_10-11


Based on this question on Super User, this seems to be an issue with the rvm package on the server.

You can go read that question and answer for a full explanation of what the issue is, but their solution is to update rvm to version 1.26.11 or greater.

To update to the most recent stable version do this:

rvm get stable