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I push my project to gitlab to test git ci,but it built fail

These are my information of error

Running with gitlab-ci-multi-runner 1.5.3 (fb49c47)
Using Shell executor...
Running on luckyxmobiledeMac-mini-2.local...
Fetching changes...
HEAD is now at e56d7ac Update
Checking out e56d7ace as master...
bash: line 4: shell_session_update: command not found
ERROR: Build failed: exit status 127

These are content of my .gitlab-ci.yml:=

- build
stage: build

- xcodebuild clean -project ProjectName.xcodeproj -scheme SchemeName | xcpretty
- xcodebuild test -project ProjectName.xcodeproj -scheme SchemeName -destination 'platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 6s,OS=9.2' | xcpretty -s
- ios_9-2
- osx_10-11

Answer Source

Based on this question on Super User, this seems to be an issue with the rvm package on the server.

You can go read that question and answer for a full explanation of what the issue is, but their solution is to update rvm to version 1.26.11 or greater.

To update to the most recent stable version do this:

rvm get stable
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