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How does getHostAddress() block other threads?

I want to display the local network address of the currently running javafx program, but even when I put the call in a separate thread it still seems to be blocking the UI thread. How is this even possible?

The main program has a menu option:

getIPAddress.setOnAction (e -> new Thread (new IPAddress (game)).run ());

Which executes this object:

public class IPAddress implements Runnable
private final Game game;

public IPAddress (Game game)
{ = game;

public void run ()
String ipAddress = InetAddress.getLocalHost ().getHostAddress ();
Platform.runLater ( () -> game.receiveIPAddress (ipAddress));
catch (UnknownHostException e)
e.printStackTrace ();

The code works, but it blocks the game's UI for several seconds.

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You're calling the run() method directly, so run() executes in your UI thread until it's done, not in a separate thread as you intended.

You need to start() your thread instead:

new Thread (new IPAddress (game)).start()
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