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How to build clang with clang?

I allready build clang(3.2) with MSVC and MinGW succesfully. But I think it's not the "purely" clang. So could someone give me some instructions or materials about how to use clang to build clang(Windows/Linux)? And could we use clang indepently(Not depent on GCC or MSVC). Thanks all!

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Well get an older version of clang like 3.1. (You can pretty much install any version that comes precompiled for your OS)

Get the sources for a newer version like 3.2.

Then (i like cmake+ninja (

if you unpacked llvm source to ~/llvm_source/llvm

cd ~/llvm_source
mkdir build
cd build
CXX=clang++ CC=clang cmake -G Ninja ../llvm -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

If you want it for make

CXX=clang++ CC=clang cmake ../llvm -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

Thats it.

Have fun.

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