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Swift. How to get generic type from extension?

I'm trying to write extension to generic type, but for some reasons in is not working.

I've generic enum:

public enum ResponseResult<Result, Error> {

case Success(result: Result)
case Failure(error: Error?)

I want to write some extension to this enum and, for example create another generic class with enum generic params:

extension ResponseResult {

var response: Response<T> {
return Response(value: self.value)

T - is '
' generic parameter from
But I don't understand how can i fetch generic parameter in extension.

Answer Source

To extract the parameters from the enum values, you can use switch-case:

switch response {
case .Success(let result):
    print("Success: \(result)")
case .Failure(let error):
    print("Error: \(error)")

If you're inside an extension, simply replace response with self.

In your specific scenario, maybe this is what you're looking for:

extension ResponseResult {

    var response: Response<Result>? {
        switch self {
            case .Success(let result):
                return Response(value: result)
            case .Failure: // Ignore error parameter
                return .None

That pattern is very similar (exactly the same) to what Alamore uses for error handling. You can see their code and documentation for more samples.

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