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not getting automatically web.xml file while creating servlet in eclipse juno 4.2

I am using eclipse juno 4.2,java 1.7 and tomcat 7.But in my system when i create servlet the web.xml file doesn't create automatically.but anothor system it's create automatically web.xml file.I am totally confused.Is there anything to configure.Please help me out??

I also add web.xml file when i am going to create a dynamic project...

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Tomcat 7 is a Servlet 3.0 compatible container. Since Servlet 3.0, the servlets can be configured by @WebServlet annotation on the class without the need for a web.xml configuration entry. Look closer at the servlet class you just created, there's a @WebServlet annotation on it containing all information you specified in New Servlet wizard.

Effectively, this new way of configuring servlets

public class HelloServlet extends HttpServlet {}

does exactly the same as this legacy way of configuring servlets


If you still want Eclipse to create a web.xml entry for some reason, then you should change the Dynamic Web Module version back from 3.0 to 2.5 in Project Facets section of project's properties.

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