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Request attribute not passed from Action to JSP

I have a JSP page which displays tabular data retrieved from database on page load. Every row in the table has a "more" button in last column which opens a modal window displaying detailed information of the record. In this modal window I have a button. On click of this button I want to display the audit history for the record in a new modal window.

My JSP file contains the Ajax call to retrieve the audit details details of the particular record.

function showHistoryLog() {
var questionId = document.getElementById("txtQuestionId").innerText;

var url = ""+questionId;

method : "GET",
url : url,
data : questionId
}).done(function(msg) {
alert("Record retrieved successfully.");


Action file contains code to retrieve parameters from ajax call and then call subsequent service method which returns list of records (Audit history records).
I am setting this list as attribute in request object:

request.setAttribute("MyList", myList);

When I try to access this attribute in my JSP, it is undefined.

<logic:notEmpty name="MyList">

this is is always empty. However, in my action class this has 1 record.
Any help on this is appreciated.

Answer Source

JSON is the answer. I created a JSON object and set it to set response object in my Action file.

String myJsonObj = createJSONObject(myList);
setReponseObj(response, myJsonObj, "text/html");

Accessed this JSON object in my JSP. Function showHistoryLog is now changed to:

function showHistoryLog() {

    var questionId = document.getElementById("txtQuestionId").innerText;

    var url = ""+questionId; 

    if ( $.fn.DataTable.isDataTable( '#tblmyAudit' ) ) {
        var auditTable = $('#tblmyAudit').dataTable().api();

    $('#tblmyAudit').DataTable( {
        ajax: {
        url: url,
        dataSrc: 'data'
        columns: [
              { data: "QuestionId" },
              { data: "Question" },
              { data: "Answer" },
              { data: "UpdatedBy" },
              { data: "UpdatedDate" }
        "scrollX": true,

    } );

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