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dowload tag in html not downloading blob file

I am working on a project on my website Click here to go to project site,
but after inputting all the needed information, the download element does not work. Here is the code for the download link: The download may work on this website, but it doesn't work on my website, which is strange.

<a id="down" href="blob:http://veryblankwhitepaper.weebly.com/8d869eaa-5bce-4326-9dff-dd0b50286a84" download="filename.txt">DOWNLOAD</a>

For some reason, when I click this, nothing happens.
If you want, you can see the javascript here.
Scroll down to the scripts within the "/text-file-generator.html"
(I put all the scripts for my pages in one file)

Edit1: If I take the element out of the div that it is in, it seems to work, but I want it to still be in the div.

Answer Source

Your scripts change the link too quickly. Try adding a setTimeout function for half a second when you click the link. This should allow it to download.

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